PREMIER SQUAD™ understands the vital importance of providing protection services to a diverse clientele. Our uniformed officers will help you ensure better safety and security of your people and assets, ultimately protecting the integrity of your organisation's reputation and operations.

With crime levels on the rise, many businesses, buildings, homes especially with high value office equipment and assets, VIPs and individuals become an easy target for criminals due to the lack of investment in proper site surveillance and security. PREMIER SQUAD™ are on standby 24 hours a day.

Developing a safe and secure environment is the responsibility of the entire community. Businesses face an ever growing array of safety and security concerns. Members of the community expect the highest level of security services at all times.


We offer our services to the following list of clients:

  • Government Agencies
  • Education Centres
  • Commercial Centres
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Centres
  • Shopping Center & Retail Outlets
  • Residential & Community Area
  • Real Estate
  • Individuals (Celebrity, VIPs etc)
  • Security Monitoring

PREMIER SQUAD™ provides customised security answers for a variety of issues. From traditional security officers to state-of-the-art security surveillance monitoring, we offer expert security services in handling the unique challenges of your industry.

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